P75 & P77 FPSO

P75&P77 Model of FPSO is holded by Petrobras, SUNLION supply construction usage seamless steel pipes for these models, with low-temperature service -100degree and sour service HIC&SSC these pipes are top technical points in china in seamless area.


SIZE: 114.3mm-610mm

Service: HIC&SSC Sour test

ABOUT FPSO: A floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) unit is a floating vessel used by the offshore oil and gas industry for the production and processing of hydrocarbons, and for the storage of oil. An FPSO vessel is designed to receive hydrocarbons produced by itself or from nearby platforms or subsea template, process them, and store oil until it can be offloaded onto a tanker or, less frequently, transported through a pipeline. FPSOs are preferred in frontier offshore regions as they are easy to install, and do not require a local pipeline infrastructure to export oil. FPSOs can be a conversion of an oil tanker or can be a vessel built specially for the application. A vessel used only to store oil (without processing it) is referred to as a floating storage and offloading vessel (FSO). There are also under construction (as at 2013) floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) vessels, which will extract and liquefy natural gas on board.

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